IntelliSense Announces IntelliSuite v8.2

IntelliSense has announced a major new version of its software for the MEMS/Nano industry, IntelliSuite v8.2. Continuing in its tradition of releasing two major software upgrades every year, IntelliSuite v8.2 introduces several industry first features.

The highlights of the latest installment of IntelliSuite include:
- Nanoscale and Carbon Nanotube simulation capabilities;
- Thermo-Electro-Magneto-Mechanical module that allows for the design and simulation of electrostatic and magnetostatic and Lorentz force based sensors and actuators;
- New 3D Boundary Element Formulation based Full Wave analysis solver designed for Fast Impedance extraction and signal integrity analysis;
- Full 3D Coupled Electrostatic-Mechanical-Fluidic and High Frequency (RF FullWave) simulator optimized for the design of RF-MEMS;
- Electrowetting on dielectric (EWOD) based digital microfluidics module;
- VisualEase, advanced data visualization and data exploration module.

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