M7 Offers New 'M7 1:1 Direct' Program

M7 now offers an effective new lead generation program called "M7 1:1 Direct". This direct marketing strategy takes variable data messaging to a whole new level and has produced above average results with response rates over 3% and campaign ROI of 400%.

"M7 1:1 Direct" programs are highly personalized direct marketing campaigns, using technology and techniques many clients have never seen or used before", says Lisa Orrell, President of M7 Inc. "M7 delivers a personalized message to each contact on the lead list motivating them to visit a custom URL containing their own name", explains Orrell. "M7 delivers this message to each contact using a variety of methods including print, e-mail, and web."

"M7 1:1 Direct" campaigns are powered by multi-channel communications software that enables M7 to provide clients with real-time, quantifiable data to measure the campaign's effectiveness as the campaign runs. This hyper-customized reporting allows M7 to monitor the effectiveness of the messaging as well as the creative as the campaign is running and make adjustments on the fly if required.

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