Ikivo Issues Ikivo CDK and Ikivo IDE

Ikivo AB announces the general availability of Ikivo IDE and the Ikivo CDK. These tools, which form part of the Ikivo Enrich product family, further extend the tool portfolio available to developers to deploy rich media services based on open standards.

The Ikivo Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an environment for the development of scripted mobile applications based on Eclipse and SVG Tiny. It provides a complete environment for editing, debugging and testing ECMAScript with SVG Tiny content. Ikivo IDE is integrated with Ikivo Animator and is therefore a natural extension to the current Mobile Design Workflow within the Ikivo Enrich environment.

The Ikivo Content Development Kit (CDK) enables the design and deployment of professional, animated rich media content based on SVG Tiny for mass-market mobile phones. It encompasses a set of tools suited for any content designer creating and deploying rich media content for mobile phones. The Ikivo CDK is free of charge and is available for immediate download from the company's website.

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