Blackmagic Design's Products Qualified for Final Cut Studio 5.1

Blackmagic Design has announced qualification of DeckLink HD Extreme and DeckLink HD Pro by Apple for use with its Final Cut Studio 5.1 software. Apple qualification of capture cards is achieved through rigorous testing and analysis to ensure that devices such as DeckLink HD Extreme and Pro are compatible with current Apple hardware and software.

DeckLink HD Extreme and DeckLink HD Pro, along with Final Cut Studio 5.1, provide professional video editors with a tremendous professional desktop editing solution. Blackmagic Design's support for Final Cut Studio offers new opportunities for Mac users worldwide.

DeckLink HD Extreme is the world's first PCIe HDTV capture card to feature both SDI and analog connections, combined with full HD and SD compatibility at an SD-only price. DeckLink HD Extreme switches between HD and SD instantly, so it is suited for customers who still work exclusively in SD, but are transitioning to HDTV production.

DeckLink HD Pro is the highest quality HDTV capture card to feature the pristine quality of dual link 4:4:4 video. DeckLink HD Pro supports dual link SDI, so users can work natively in 4:4:4 10 bit RGB for high end effects and feature film work. 10 bit RGB 4:4:4 is compatible with the Sony HDCAM-SR 4:4:4 deck, and allows full color resolution for high quality. DeckLink HD Pro features both dual link 4:4:4 SDI, 4:2:2 HD/SD-SDI and 14 bit analog monitoring for greater flexibility.

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