KODAK Upgrades Its Scan Station 100 Document Scanner

Eastman Kodak Company announces enhancements to the KODAK Scan Station 100, its networked scanning device which incorporates new features and functionality. The KODAK Scan Station 100 combines high-quality scanning of paper documents with an intuitive operation that enables people to share via e-mail, save to a network folder, send to a network printer or copier, or store them on a portable USB drive - all from one device. Using a colour touch screen, the desktop Scan Station 100 is as easy to use as PDA or mobile telephone.

The KODAK Scan Station 100 now includes the following features which makes it ideal as a desktop multi-function device capable of handling a wide range of mixed documents:
- A tool to interactively name files and directories for scanned documents;
- Advanced search functions for the easy look-up of user email addresses;
- A tool for the centralised administration of clustered Scan Stations to allow companies who have units in multiple office locations to efficiently manage them;
- Printing to stand-alone network printers;
- Single page TIF scanning;
- Authenticated FTP and SMTP capability;
- Improvements to the touch-screen keyboard.

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