Intel Centrino Pro Gives IT Managers Wireless Management

Under a new brand called Intel Centrino Pro processor technology, Intel Corporation is going extend its innovative features designed for desktop business PCs called Intel vPro processor technology into its forthcoming laptop offering. IT departments will be able to reliably manage both desktops and notebooks and deal with what plagues them most security threats, cost of ownership, resource allocation, and asset management - and do so wirelessly.

With Intel Centrino Pro processor technology, IT managers will be able to manage and protect their notebooks over Wi-Fi. In addition, administrators can manage both wired notebooks and desktop PCs regardless of their power state or the health of the PC. The result is better protected PCs, increased IT department compliance, more accurate PC inventories, fewer desk-side visits and less interruption to business.

Businesses have quickly recognized the significant potential time and cost savings from the manageability features of Intel vPro processor technology, and are rapidly deploying the technology. More than 200 business deployments are underway worldwide, ranging from the thousands to tens of thousands of PCs per customer including BMW, Capgemini, FujiFilm, ING, Johns Hopkins, 3M, Pioneer and Verizon. Many of these customers will add Intel Centrino Pro processor technology to their deployments when it is available later this year.

There is broad industry corporate software support for Intel Centrino Pro processor technology with software applications and solutions being offered from such companies as Altiris, CA, Cisco, Credant Technologies, Hitachi JP1, HP, Microsoft, LANDesk and Trend Micro.

Intel Centrino Pro processor technology will be available in the second quarter this year as part of the company's planned introduction of the next generation Centrino processor technology code named 'Santa Rosa.' Both business and consumer notebook users will benefit from Core 2 Duo processors, which are at the heart of the platform. The latest versions offer higher performance while also delivering outstanding energy efficiency and battery life.

A new wireless component, Intel Next-Gen Wireless-N will give users more freedom to do more, farther away from their access points with support for the draft 802.11n specification delivering up to five times the performance and twice the wireless range. Users will also enjoy improved graphics performance and support for Microsoft Windows Vista's latest graphic interface Aero. In addition, the optional Intel Turbo Memory means users can experience up to two times faster performance when loading frequently-used applications, and up to a 20 percent faster boot time.

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