HELIOS Offers Free mkisofs System Archive Utility

HELIOS Software has released for free download the ultimate cross-platform "mkisofs" disk image utility that enables flexible disk image creation for file archives and backups of critical files that goes far beyond simple DVD image creation. HELIOS "mkisofs" can be used for system snapshots, cross-platform archives, legal preservation, platform independent file transfer and as a simple and affordable backup software utility.

HELIOS has extended the open source "mkisofs" utility, removing size and format limitations, making it a powerful and flexible tool suited for creating data archives and custom universal disk format (UDF) images. It is scriptable for automated tasks (including scheduled backups) and can be used interactively (via "hot folders").

With built-in cross-platform support for preserving Mac and Windows file attributes, HELIOS "mkisofs" is hardware independent and creates disk images that can be read on multiple platforms. This makes HELIOS "mkisofs" suitable for long-term, archival applications where future OS and hardware requirements are unknown. Additionally, since HELIOS "mkisofs" creates "read-only" disk images, it can be used for preservation and legal archival documentation as it provides an uneditable snapshot of system files, documents or other data.

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