Insyde's New Product for Embedded Intel Architecture Processors

Insyde Software has announced a new firmware solution specifically targeted at the embedded and communications market segments using Intel architecture. The new solution dubbed "InsydeDIY" is aimed specifically at embedded systems makers that are using Embedded Intel Architecture Processors who do not need a complete BIOS implementation, and want to develop a platform-specific set of initialization and boot code themselves. Embedded customers that demand a full-featured BIOS solution or need outside assistance will continue to leverage the company's flagship UEFI Framework product InsydeH2O.

The InsydeDIY solution is a lightweight and easy-to-implement set of firmware components that delivers unique value and benefits to embedded developers and solutions providers including:
- Reduced project development time with pre-packaged set of source and binary components.
- Compatibility with the industry's latest EFI methods of booting an Operating System.
- Improved boot speed.
- A robust environment for running and managing pre-boot applications.

For customers that license InsydeDIY and find that their firmware requirements may grow beyond the scope of the product, Insyde Software offers a seamless and cost-effective transition path to InsydeH2O. Platform requirements such as Windows and/or multiple operating system support, advanced technologies including such as Intel Active Management Technology, platform security, advanced power management, or Intelligent and Platform Management Interface will require InsydeH2O.

Insyde Software's firmware products are well aligned with Intel's Embedded and Communication Processor plans and as such, will deliver a complete suite of InsydeDIY products that extend across the entire embedded silicon roadmap. The initial InsydeDIY solutions will be available in Q2'07.

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