LapWorks Launches Aluminum Desktop Stand for PC, Mac Laptops

LapWorks has announced the Aluminum Desktop Stand that elevates PC and Mac notebook computers when working at a desk to improve screen viewing, improve typing ergonomics and cool a laptop up to 23 percent to extend its life. The sleek laptop stand features 6 easy-to-adjust elevated positions. The shorter 3 elevations raise the notebook screen by 3 ?, 4, or 4 3/8 inches and angle the notebook's keyboard to improve typing ergonomics. The 3 steeper inclines raise the screen 6, 6 ?, or 6 ? inches closer to eye level to create an ergonomically-sound desktop workstation when using a separate keyboard.

Constructed of heat-dissipating brushed-aluminum, the sturdy Aluminum Desktop Stand is also portable, weighing 1 pound, 5 ounces and folding flat and thin (12 x 9.5 x 3/8 inches) for easy storage in a computer bag. The laptop stand also includes non-skid rubber pads to grip the laptop, a built-in turntable for 360 degree rotation and screen-sharing, a neoprene travel bag/slip cover which doubles as a mouse pad, and it carries a one-year warranty.

A thermal study conducted for LapWorks by the California Polytechnic University at Pomona concluded that the Aluminum Desktop Stand reduces heat build-up by virtue of its heat-absorbing aluminum as well as the incline which allows heat to escape. As an example, a laptop placed on the Aluminum Desktop Stand on its highest incline ran 27 degrees cooler (88 compared to 115 degrees) than the same laptop set flat on a desk.

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