WinMagic Joins Microsoft's SecureIT Alliance

WinMagic has joined Microsoft's SecureIT Alliance, a group of industry partners working together to develop security solutions for the Microsoft platform. As a member, WinMagic will be able to collaborate closely with Microsoft and other alliance members to improve platform-product interoperability and security to benefit mutual customers. WinMagic hopes to add value to the alliance through its vast experience in such areas as pre-boot integration of full-disk encryption with multi-factor authentication, simple management of keys/key files, and transparent compliance with IT security policies.

Microsoft's SecureIT alliance is an online community forum that provides members with the latest Microsoft platform information to assist in the development of innovative new security solutions. The alliance makes it simple for members to collaborate on such issues as security best practices and interoperability and integration of products/services.

An original supporter of the Trusted Platform Module, WinMagic's SecureDoc v4.3 now supports TPM v1.2 continuing its role in driving innovation by supporting Infineon TPM since early 2006. Building on the popularity of the TPM chip, SecureDoc assists in adding an extra layer of security by seamlessly supporting the authentication at pre-boot of the disk drive to the computer.

SecureDoc v4.3's Removable Media Encryption functionality can be easily enabled from a Windows Explorer browser. Whether an endpoint device is running SecureDoc encryption software or not, USB thumb drives can now be easily read with WinMagic's DiskViewer. DiskViewer makes it easy for SecureDoc users to not only encrypt removable media, but also transport the device for use on other computers without the purchase of additional licenses - provided the user authenticates to the USB device.

SecureDoc v4.3 makes it simple to deploy and manage encryption for any number of users. Remote features permit adding, removing, or augmenting users and profiles as well as allowing password recovery. Integration with Active Directory and other LDAP servers such as PKI, and Novell add extra value for SecureDoc customers.

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