Syncro Soft Releases Version 2.3 of Its Subversion (SVN) Client

Syncro Soft has announced the immediate availability of version 2.3 of its Subversion (SVN) client. Version 2.3 of the Syncro SVN Client allows to quickly find what happened in a project or what a user worked during a given period of time, improves the integration with bug tracking tools, adds application global ignores for unversioned resources displayed in the Working Copy view and more.

New in version 2.3
Ever wondered what happened today in your project? Or what John worked all last week? You can get this quickly with the new filtering options from the Show History dialog. First you specify a range choosing from either predefined intervals (today, yesterday, last week, etc.), revisions or specific start/end dates and then you can filter by author.

The set of revisions presented in the History view and the History dialog can be extended from an initial number of 50 revisions using two new buttons: get the next 50 revisions and get all revisions.

The bug ID included in the Commit message is presented in the History view as a hyperlink which opens a web browser at the page of the bug when it is clicked. The URL of the web page with the bug must be configured with a SVN property.

The unversioned resources are filtered in the Working Copy view based on ignore filters set in the SVN preferences.

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