Mistral Intros Development Platform for TI's OMAP2430 Processor

Aimed at helping product developers streamline development of their wireless/multimedia devices based on the OMAP2430 application processor from Texas Instruments (TI), Mistral Software has unveiled the OMAP2430 Starter Kit. Mistral's OMAP2430 processor Starter Kit is based on TI's OMAP2430 processor, which offers the ultimate balance between multimedia performance, flexibility, power and cost. It is a suitable software development and device prototyping platform for users to get started on their wireless/multimedia based application and device development.

The OSK is designed with a modular and extendable architecture. It is comprised of separate processor and power modules providing reconfiguring flexibility to future processors and power modules. Expansion connectors on the board provide extensibility to a wide range of peripheral interfaces. A key feature of the OSK is the support for an LCD display and DVI to connect to external digital display devices.

The OMAP2430 OSK comes preloaded with Linux, and includes tools for developers to begin application development immediately. It also includes TI's DSP/BIOS Link for ARM -DSP communication. Users can also opt to purchase Mistral's Accelerator Program for OMAP2430 OSK on Linux, which comes ready with Linux 2.6 Kernel support, drivers and Board Support Packages (BSPs). The BSP supports a wide range of modules and drivers that include display, touch screen, keypad, NAND, Ethernet, serial, camera, USB and TWL4030 driver.

Developers building next generation small form factor devices such as biometric devices, feature phones, smart phones, PDA's, gaming devices, VoIP terminals, video conferencing, security devices and portable medical devices can use the OMAP2430 Starter Kit to accelerate their product development.

This latest offering from Mistral is a part of its initiative as a TI OMAP Technology Center, which assures clients of world-class services in the areas of software and hardware design, development and consulting on the OMAP platform. The OMAP2430 Starter Kit is a testament to the cutting edge products, services and support available from Mistral.

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