Virtutech Introduces Simics 3.2

Virtutech has announced Simics 3.2, the next release of the company's flagship software development platform. Designed to facilitate integration with existing development processes and third-party technologies, Simics 3.2 enables companies to more readily realize the benefits of Simics' advanced virtualized development capabilities.

The new features included in Simics 3.2 allow organizations to incorporate virtualized software development into existing processes without requiring extensive changes to their overall development approach. In addition to integration with third-party debuggers such as Wind River Tornado and Wind River Workbench, the latest version of Simics offers support for symbol table formats dwarf2 and dwarf3, and improved documentation, particularly for uses of third-party environments. Developers also draw benefits from an enhanced version of Device Modeling Language, a C-like programming language that enables greater productivity when creating and configuring non-standard devices such as ASICs and FPGAs.

By employing virtualization technology that can accurately model the most complex systems, including multicore and multiprocessor architectures, Simics frees developers from executing software on physical hardware, instead providing a more flexible, controllable environment for the test, development and debug process. While the virtualized software development approach offers compelling advantages over traditional methods that rely heavily on physical hardware, the adoption of the technology has at times required modifications to software development processes already in place. Simics 3.2 resolves that challenge through seamless third-party technology integration, greater ease of use, and a revised product and pricing structure that allows for more incremental adoption.

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