Zend Technologies Announces ZendBox

Zend Technologies has announced ZendBox, a fully hosted and managed dedicated server running the latest PHP 5 Technology stack, including Zend Core, Zend Framework and Zend Platform. ZendBox provides a complete and easy to deploy solution for the operation and management of business-critical PHP applications.

PHP 5 is a key technology behind the majority of the new generation of websites, which feature rich user interfaces, collaborative content, and often very large communities of users and contributors. Increasingly, these modern web technologies are also embraced by companies that aim to increase and improve interactions with their customers and other constituents.

ZendBox will help such companies save time, effort and money by offering an easy to deploy, tightly integrated and certified combination of hardware, operating system, PHP 5 and utilities, all optimized to deliver superior performance for PHP applications and backed by the expert support of Zend and Zend's partner network of tier-one hosting providers.

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