Sharp Introduces 12.1-inch SVGA Transflective Display

Sharp has introduced a new Advanced Super View TFT-LCD for outdoor and bright ambient applications in transportation, industrial, retail, medical, and other markets. This new LCD pushes performance levels in viewing angle and sunlight readability while maintaining drop-in replacement for current Sharp designs. This versatile LCD module expands Sharp's existing product suite and offers engineers a new technology option in the 12.1 inch diagonal size display.

Sharp's new transflective LCD panel is aimed at applications including marine navigation, GPS systems, gas pumps, ATMs, outdoor kiosks (like drive through ordering windows), fish finders, land surveying equipment, portable outdoor use medical equipment, instrumentation, electronic signage, and outdoor bingo terminals.

Sharp developed this 12.1 inch model (LQ121S7LY01) to address specific design priority considerations for designers of industrial applications. Greater viewing angle and contrast, now combined in a transflective display, meet the growing need for viewability in a wide range of indoor and outdoor settings and lighting conditions. Sharp's 12.1 inch display is not only readable outdoors, it also looks great indoors.

Engineers can quickly and easily upgrade to a current-generation display without re-designing the application. Sharp's new displays feature mountings, connectors, and pinouts identical to previous versions for drop-in replacement. This new display, with its improved durability and field-replaceable backlight makes it a suitable choice for a variety of applications. This display eliminates the need to add extra backlight bulbs, reduces heat in the enclosure and occupies less room in the Z dimension, all of which can make a huge difference in certain applications.

Specifications for Sharp's 12.1 inch SVGA LCD:
- LCD Type - Transflective
- Screen size - 12.1 inch LCD
- Pixel Format - 800 ? RGB ? 600
- Display Orientation - Landscape
- Dimensions - 276 ? 209 ? 11 mm
- Number of Colors - 262.144
- Viewing Cone - 160 Vertical/160 Horizontal
- Brightness - 200 cd/m2
- Contrast Ratio - 400:1
- Reflectance - 2.0%
- Backlight: 2 CCFTs
- Power Consumption - 8.5W.

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