Facebook Enables Users to Share Content

Facebook has announced that for the first time people can access Facebook's share functionality on multiple websites to share video, photos, news and other content with their friends on Facebook. Websites that add a link to share on Facebook will enable people to distribute content by posting it on their Facebook profiles or by sending it to specific Facebook friends without ever leaving the original website. Barron's Online,, Brightcove,,, edgeio,, Geffen, IDG Entertainment, The Internet Movie Database,,,,, the New York Times,, Photobucket, PureVideo Networks,, TerraPass, The Onion,,, U.S. News & World Report, the Wall Street Journal Online,, and Ziff Davis Media are among the first sites to include a link to share on Facebook.

When a Facebook user is surfing the Web and clicks on the link to share on Facebook, a share box pops up with a preview of the content that will be sent. Users make some choices about how and to whom they want to share specific content and Facebook's share functionality distributes that content to the appropriate users' accounts.

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