ABCSearch Launches ClickShield

ABCSearch says it has launched ClickShield, giving pay-per-click advertisers an end to the threat of click fraud. Online advertisers lost hundreds of millions of dollars to click fraud in 2005, according to Outsell. As a result many lost faith in online advertising and reduced search spending with Google, Yahoo and others.

ClickShield is patent-pending software that optimizes all ABCSearch network traffic in real time, ensuring all clicks are scrubbed against fraudulent activities based on natural user behavior patterns and other proprietary methods.

ClickShield is propriety fraud monitoring software customized specifically for the ABCSearch network of advertisers. Other networks may use 3rd party software, but such technologies only begin to scratch the surface of their traffic quality. If ClickShield identifies fraudulent traffic, the clicks are not charged to the advertiser and the traffic source is flagged for administrative review.

ABCSearch also has a large distribution network comprised of many different traffic channels. However, not all distribution channels produce the same results and conversions for all advertisers. In order to ensure that advertisers receive the most qualified traffic, ABCSearch allows them to block the channels that do not work. ABCSearch passes through an affiliate ID which can be found within the referring URL in your click logs.

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