Bang & Olufsen and Samsung Develop Serene - a New Mobile Phone

Bang & Olufsen America will launch its first cell phone - Serene - in North America this November. The new mobile phone, entitled Serene, is a result of the cooperation between Bang & Olufsen and Samsung. Since 2004, the two companies have collaborated to develop a unique mobile phone that is dedicated to one prime purpose: to enable comfortable and convenient communication. The result is a pure, simple phone of a high quality. During the development phase, engineers strategically converged notions of form and function to result in Serene's minimalistic design and intuitive operation to be elegant, simple, and straightforward. The ultimate goal was to provide an alternative for those customers who demand the highest quality, who prioritize simplicity, performance and craftsmanship, and for whom less can be more.

Serene consists of two equal parts that are bound together by a beautifully crafted aluminum hinge. The display and microphone are placed in the lower shell in a landscape orientation and the circular keyboard and loudspeaker are placed in the upper shell with an elegant thumb operated wheel in the middle taking care of all primary operations. The colors, fonts, screen format and size have been specially selected with logical operation in mind. The relatively large, wide format display makes reading and writing on the screen even more pleasant. Additionally, restricting the number of features on the handset enables a decreased amount of user menus, which makes the experience both logical and intuitive.

Serene comes with a triangular table charger/docking station made in polished anodized aluminum with a cut-out for the phone. If the phone is placed in the docking station or is set to table mode it can be used as mini-laptop, as the display can turn 180 degrees for convenient use in this position as well.

Technical specifications:
- Designer: David Lewis
- GPRS Class 10 Triband (GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)
- 262144 color QVGA TFT screen (240 x 320 pixels, 2.1 inch)
- Embedded VGA (300K) camera
- 64 Polyphonic ringtones with specially developed harmonies
- SMS / EMS / MMS / WAP 2.0
- E-mail with Outlook synchronization
- Bluetooth Wireless Technology
- Thumb-operated navigation wheel
- Premium anodized aluminum hinge
- Special aluminum charger
- Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches
- Weight: 0.24 lbs.

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