Panda Software Signs a Deal with Softonic

Panda Software and Softonic have signed a global collaboration agreement giving Softonic users the chance to benefit from the security offered by Panda Software's solutions.

Through this agreement, Panda Software has become Softonic's exclusive Antivirus Premium Security Partner for its new security channel. This channel offers users all the information they need about viruses and other types of Internet threats.

Computers today are packed with vital information, personal details, passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers, private documents, photographs, etc. Therefore, it is essential not only for Softonic users, but also all for other Internet users, to ensure complete security of their computers. Through the new security channel, users will be able to learn to protect themselves against fraud and access all the information they need about viruses and spyware: what they are, how they work and how to eliminate them. They will also be able to scan and disinfect their computers, completely free, with Panda ActiveScan, to find out if they are the victim of malicious attacks.

Users that access the security channel will be able to buy ESD or subscription versions of Panda's products, or download free evaluation versions.

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