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Comodo announces today that has selected Comodo to protect, secure and empower their customers. is an online personal organizer that uniquely transfers the advanced features of online contact management, family calendar, address book, to do lists, shopping lists, messaging, scheduling, home inventory, and task management tools into the arena of online household management - enabling its members to easily and securely coordinate every aspect of their home life with the same precision and control as a high end business package. In working with Comodo, their web-based interface provides for completely secure access of data from anywhere in the world with secure storage of all data in password-protected, 128-bit SSL encrypted servers. is utilizing the following core elements of Comodo's ITA solution.
* Content Verification Certificates (CVC) - protects members from phishing, pharming, and man-in-the-middle attacks
Comodo's unique Content Verification Certificates authenticates web content (such as a log-in box or graphics) to authenticate site identity. This is the only digital certificate on the market today that protects against man-in-the middle attacks as this solution alone delivers non-browser "green good to go" indicator confirming site identity.

With this technology, members can verify the site's identity using Comodo's reader VerificationEngine which they download as easily as Adobe Reader . Moreover, since VerificationEngine now authenticates the identity of over 200.000 home page logos and content, this solution delivers added value to HomeConvenience members.

* InstantSSL High Assurance SSL Certificates
These high assurance SSL certificates provide with certification and authentication of business identity. Only high assurance SSL certificates can both authenticate site identity and enable encrypted sessions - ensuring data passed between customer machines and the application server cannot be intercepted and stolen by a third party. These high assurance SSL certificates are a key weapon in defending against phishers and pharmers because low assurance, non-business vetted SSL certificates do not provide identity assurance.

* HackerGuardian - Daily Vulnerability Scanning and Certification Solution
HackerGuardian will scan HomeConvenience web servers to ensure they are free of known security vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. After the daily scan confirms site safety, HomeConvenience site will display the certification seal, called HackerShield TrustLogo, confirming the site's safety from hackers.

* Corner of Trust Logo - Technologically advanced site seal encourages member trust verification has also implemented Comodo's groundbreaking Corner of Trust Logo across their entire application. The Trust Logo provides customers with highly visible real-time, web-site identity assurance through convenient "point to verify" technology.

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