Verizon Business Networks the U.K.'s Academics with SuperJANET5

Verizon Business has announced the successful deployment of SuperJANET5, the U.K.'s new national research and education network, over a Verizon Business state-of-the-art, fibre-optic network. SuperJANET5 will link 19 regional educational networks across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, supporting a potential user base of up to 18 million users drawn from education and research communities.

JANET, the U.K.'s education and research network, provides a high-speed infrastructure to connect all further and higher-education institutions and research councils and U.K. schools. SuperJANET, the network core, provides fast, resilient, always-available and secure access to all JANET organisations to enable them to communicate effectively, with the necessary bandwidth to support heavy data flow. SuperJANET5 is the latest version of this backbone and replaces SuperJANET4, which has been operational since March 2001.

Verizon Business has delivered an autonomous network backbone, with a dedicated, geographically diverse fibre infrastructure, that provides UKERNA with control and flexibility to support existing and future user requirements. The resulting infrastructure, one of the U.K.'s most technologically advanced independent networks, can scale to terabit-per-second capabilities. This advanced network design, plus a personally accountable local support team, enabled Verizon Business to meet the rigorous service level agreements defined by UKERNA. Verizon Business is also the first service provider to retain a contract with UKERNA through the network procurement exercise to facilitate the move from SuperJANET4 to SuperJANET5.

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