Viewpoint Releases New Version of Viewpoint Media Player

Viewpoint has announced the release of a new version of the Viewpoint Media Player, the company's flagship platform for delivering 3D and rich media-based interactive marketing and advertising programs. The new version of the VMP introduces several key features to enhance the end-user experience for viewing rich media content.

The newest version of the VMP provides content authors with a more robust and dynamic platform for developing creative internet marketing content such as 3D product configurators, rich media, and 3D ads. The VMP powers some of the most powerful and interactive marketing experiences on the web.

One of the key new features of the latest technology release includes the Texture Compositor, which extends the VMP's existing texture capabilities by allowing content developers to create and compose textures dynamically with a wide selection of layers, much like an advanced photo editing tool. The Texture Compositor will dramatically reduce the amount of files needed to be downloaded, while increasing the number of texture options available. As a result, content created using this new feature will download much faster on the end-user's computer while displaying images which are more photo-realistic and engaging for online audiences.

The new product also introduces a major technology upgrade to Viewpoint's original HyperView technology called Superview. Superview enables real-time integration and composition of 3D and 2D animated objects on a live desktop. This feature allows an uninterrupted user experience with other desktop and browser applications while interacting with Superview content. Importantly, Superview allows advertisers to create new kinds of 3D interactive marketing content that can be dragged, viewed and controlled outside of the browser window, extending the amount of time users can interact with an advertisement, an advergame, or other forms of marketing content.

The new VMP also supports the Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 2.0 web browsers in addition to its legacy Windows and Macintosh browser support, and contains numerous other enhancements that make content creation on the Viewpoint technology platform easier.

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