AOL Video-Fangoria Poll Reveals What Scares Us Most in Horrors

It's Halloween and it's time to spend time with our favorite horror movies, including classics like Psycho, and more recent scary movies, like the Saw trilogy. So what is it about these flicks that make our hearts race and keep us coming back for more? According to a new survey from AOL Video and Fangoria magazine, it's the sense of the unknown, cited by the majority of fans (26 percent) as the scariest element in a horror movie.

What else scares us? Horror movie fans also find they start to tremble when scary elements can't be seen, but they know they are there (15 percent) and during scenes related to personal phobias, such as the fear of the dark (10 percent). Meanwhile, eight percent of fans are most scared when they see blood and gore, and also when they hear dramatic music (8 percent).

This new AOL Video-Fangoria poll also surveyed fans to determine which character scares them the most. The poll found respondents equally scared of supernatural beings, such as werewolves, aliens and zombies, and serial killers (both 23 percent). The sinister child (17 percent), the slasher (10 percent) and the undead (8 percent) round out the top-five.

In this survey, respondents were also asked what makes a good horror movie. The leading responses included:
- Good storyline & script: 22 percent
- The build-up of suspense: 21 percent
- Realism, that it could happen to you: 21 percent
- Special effects: 10 percent
- Good actors: 9 percent.

Finally, in the ongoing debate over which is a better horror movie, the big budget blockbuster (63%) blew away the low budget indy film (27%). The results were similar in the battle between the R-rated horror film (71%) versus the PG-13 scary movie (19%).

In reflecting on the movie elements and characters that scare us the most, AOL Video and Fangoria compiled the "Top-Five Scariest Horror Movie Moments" in a highlights reel available for free viewinghere. These frightening movie moments include:
1) "Psycho": the famous shower scene
2) "The Exorcist": Linda Blair projectile vomiting at the priest
3) "The Shining": 'Here's Johnny…'
4) "Alien": The alien bursting out of John Hurt's chest
5) "Poltergeist": The evil clown appears and chokes the boy.

For more great horror moments on AOL Video, viewers can check out the In2TV Halloween Channel, which features free television programs like Freddy's Nightmares and Dark Realm, as well as free movies, including the original versions of The House of Wax and The Mummy. AOL Video also features dozens of pay-to-download, full-length movies, such as Psycho, The Thing, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Survey results are based upon a telephone survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation among a national sample of 511 men and 509 women aged 18 years and older living in the continental United States. Interviews took place during the period October 19-22, 2006. Findings among horror movie fans are based on 337 people who have ever watched a horror movie.

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