AOL Music Launches 'The DL' Video Music Show

AOL Music has announced the launch of The DL, a signature web program offering a true mix of pop culture, music, news and blogosphere commentary. Hosted by standup comic Sara Schaefer, the new video program is part variety show, part blog and all web experience. It offers a unique new take on artist news, exclusive interviews, video premieres, and more.

The DL brings street cred to the mainstream and offers something for every music fan. Sara Schaefer is a regular performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. An unrepentant pop-culture omnivore who is charming, witty, entertaining and brutally honest, Sara has a razor sharp comedic delivery that is suited to the Internet. With her unique blend of indie-girl trustworthiness and unabashed passion for pop, Schaefer comfortably plays on all sides of the taste fence.

Every Thursday, The DL will bring pop culture junkies an inside look into artists ranging from Diddy to Regina Spektor to My Chemical Romance - as well as commentary from Sara, bloggers and industry experts.

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