Alienware Notebooks Get 400GB Hard Drive Capacity

Alienware becomes the first manufacturer to offer notebooks with up to 400GB of hard drive space. Customers can now configure their Alienware notebooks with single or dual 200GB hard drives on systems like the Aurora mALX and the Aurora m9700, which already holds the distinction of being the first 17" mobile system to deliver 1GB of graphics memory. 200GB hard drives make it incredibly easy for Alienware mobile customers to have all the entertainment they want and all the business applications and data they need right at their fingertips, without being tied to a desktop.

Consider this: with dual hard drives providing 400GB of space, music fans can store around 100.000 songs in their Alienware notebooks, while movie buffs can enjoy a hundred of their favorite films. For mobile gamers, 400GB means packing approximately 67 of the latest games into their Alienware notebooks for unlimited action.

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