Scalar and Bodelin Launch High Resolution Hand-Held Microscope

Scalar has teamed up with its Bodelin Technologies to create the first high resolution version of Scalar Scope. The new co-brand is called ProScope HR, which is based on the previous Bodelin OEM brand known as The ProScope.

The new ProScope HR is a Scalar design that features a 1.3 megapixel imager. The included software, for Windows and Mac, captures stills, video and time lapse with a single click. The new model works with previous Scalar lenses made for the older ProScope so current customers can simply upgrade to a new base. A new Scalar 400X lens is being introduced with this launch with more new Scalar lenses to come.

The older ProScope and Scalar lenses are already used in thousands of schools and universities throughout the world in a wide variety of science studies. You may have seen the ProScope used on the popular American CSI TV series, on Oprah or in feature films because of its actual use by federal, state and municipal law enforcement investigators. Emerging ProScope HR markets include industrial quality control, medical and veterinary markets.

The ProScope HR base is now manufactured by Bodelin Technologies in the U.S. and the lenses continue to be manufactured by Scalar Corporation in Japan. This collaboration utilizes the branding and marketing skills of Bodelin with the innovative design and engineering of the patented Scalar lenses.

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