8GB CompactFlash Card Operates from -40C to +85C

WinSystems has introduced its 4GB and 8GB RoHS-compatible CompactFlash cards. These are the largest densities currently available that operate from -40 to +85 Centigrade. They are designed to work with single board computers, instruments, cameras or computer systems with a CompactFlash socket for solid state program and data storage. WinSystems' CompactFlash memory cards incorporate onboard error detection and correction algorithms which are coupled with dynamic wear leveling techniques to deliver more than two million program/erase cycles for most applications.

WinSystems' CompactFlash parts are targeted for applications that need industrial-grade reliability, industry-standard compatibility, and IDE hard disk drive emulation for program and data storage. Since they are True IDE Mode and ATA-3 compliant, they are compatible with different operating systems such as Linux, Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded, ROM-DOS, and others without requiring a special software driver.

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