Yahoo! Upgrades Yahoo! Bookmarks and Yahoo! Toolbar

Yahoo! reveals new versions of Yahoo! Toolbar and Yahoo! Bookmarks, giving users an easier and more powerful way to remember, search, organize and share their favorite web sites and web pages. The new Yahoo! Toolbar and Yahoo! Bookmarks seamlessly integrate with a more prominent "Bookmarks" button on the toolbar making it easier for users to conveniently access, manage and recall their bookmarks from any computer.

This launch marks the next stage in the evolution of Yahoo!'s bookmark offerings, which continues to meet the diverse needs of today's bookmarking consumers - Yahoo! Bookmarks for personal bookmarking and for social bookmarking. The new version of Yahoo! Toolbar, which was the Web's first downloadable toolbar, offers more personalization options to make it easier and more convenient for users to access and save their favorite web pages. New features include: improved Bookmarks button to quickly save and access bookmarks from any computer; instant "Search suggest" to immediately find relevant bookmarks as users type in the search box and unlimited ability to create custom toolbar buttons for added personalization and one click access to anywhere on the Web.

The new version of Yahoo! Bookmarks offers users a more intuitive way to easily save, organize and access their bookmarks from any computer. With over 20 million consumers using Yahoo! Bookmarks, there was a growing need for an integrated experience to make it easy and convenient for users to save and access their favorite web sites. New features include: improved user interface for more interactive, intuitive Bookmarks experience; thumbnails to easily recognize and quickly access saved bookmarks; ability to organize bookmarks through traditional folders or "tags"; advanced search functionality finds bookmarks by title, url and page content for instant and improved bookmarks recovery; "drag-and-drop" capabilities for easy bookmarks management and sharing bookmarks with friends via email or Yahoo! Messenger.

As part of the simplified brand offering, MyWeb users will be offered, over time, the choice to migrate to either the new Yahoo! Bookmarks for personal bookmarking, or, for social bookmarking, depending on users needs. MyWeb users will easily be able to port their bookmarks to either product, making it a seamless transition.

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