QlikTech Unveils QlikView Publisher Version 4

QlikTech has announced the latest release of QlikView Publisher, a key component for managing enterprise deployments of QlikView, the firm's flagship business analysis application. QlikView Publisher 4 facilitates large-scale deployments of QlikView by streamlining the distribution process, enhancing security, and automating updates for QlikView applications. QlikView Publisher ensures customers that large-scale QlikView deployments are managed and secured seamlessly without requiring additional IT resources.

QlikView simplifies analysis across lines of business by improving end-user access to data analysis, streamlining application development, and enhancing overall flexibility for organizations. This is achieved via in-memory manipulation of massive datasets on low-cost hardware, allowing affordable widespread deployment of sophisticated analytic applications in days.

QlikView Publisher 4 offers myriad new features designed with IT administrators in mind. It simplifies the management of multiple QlikView applications, as it is distributed to end users. It controls the scheduling of data updates for each application and uses encrypted communication over HTTP providing security beyond standard protocols. Additionally, QlikView Publisher 4 manages the allocation of security privileges for QlikView. This allows the customization of specific applications for hundreds of distinct users, so that each user receives a tailored version of the application with the data appropriate to that user. End users then have access to their specific applications through the QlikView AccessPoint portal. Security measures are integrated through Active Directory or Windows NT4 domains. QlikView Publisher also allows for full utilization of the alerting features in QlikView 7.5.

Highlights of QlikView Publisher version 4 include:
- Job Management: The product offers a naturalized work-flow that allows end users to focus on the management task they want to achieve.
- Data Security Control: QlikView Publisher 4 ensures that users have access to documents with the data they need to do their jobs with full security. Based on criteria set by an administrator, QlikView Publisher 4 automatically makes data–driven reductions of QlikView documents and then distributes the appropriate, finalized documents to the relevant users. This ensures widespread data distribution while maintaining tight access control.
- Automated Application Management: QlikView Publisher 4 automates the process of scheduling data updates, ensuring that users always have the most current data at their fingertips.
- Single Point of Access: Users have access to QlikView applications through the QlikView AccessPoint web portal. From this portal, updated applications are available for online analysis through the QlikView Analyzer or downloadable for offline analysis. The QlikView AccessPoint supports the display and organization of QlikView applications by an administrator-set list of metadata. By using the AccessPoint, organizations can create a secure location where users have access to a personalized list of business analysis applications.
- Secure Access to Business Analysis: QlikView Publisher 4 integrates directly with an organization's existing security infrastructure for optimized, real-time interaction. This includes encrypted communication over HTTP, which provides secure communication over standard protocols.

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