Safety Vision Extends Its RoadRecorder MDVR Line

Safety Vision announces the addition of the RoadRecorder 6000 PRO to their product line of onboard mobile monitoring and video surveillance for mass transit systems and other mobile industries, worldwide. The RoadRecorder 6000 PRO mobile digital video recorder is a standalone system that utilizes an end-to-end digital video, audio and sensor recording approach. It is capable of recording at 300 frames per second on up to 10 cameras, producing a smoother streaming video than available on other systems.

The RoadRecorder PRO is part of the SafeyNet Wireless Mobile Network, a system that automatically collects video, audio and system-health data from onboard surveillance digital video recorders. It helps simplify the collection, communication and management of recorded video and audio data throughout a mass transit terminal or other vehicle fleet hub. Event data can be stored on a compact flash card allowing personnel to copy an event from the recorder onto any device with a compact flash slot. The recorder accommodates up to three 120-GB mobile-rated hard drives (one internal drive, two attached via USB 2.0 ports) and uses encrypted MPEG4 data for security.

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