Micro Focus Releases Revolve Enterprise Edition 7.0

Micro Focus announces the general availability of Revolve Enterprise Edition 7.0, the latest generation of core application understanding and analysis technology. This latest update to the Revolve product line provides organizations that have large investments in COBOL-based application infrastructures with a strategic maintenance and modernization solution for their existing, proven critical systems.

Revolve accelerates delivery time for new core system functionality by 65 percent. It supports Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and compliance initiatives by enabling companies to identify and expose business processes buried deep inside systems that may have been initially developed decades earlier. Application maintenance can consume up to 80 percent of an organization's IT spending, according to recent industry analyst reports. Micro Focus Revolve Enterprise Edition provides a pathway to shorten analysis cycles while it improves analysis quality. It saves substantial time and money not only during analysis but during any application development and modernization initiatives that might result.

This latest edition of Revolve makes the technology more intuitive so that new users become productive faster. For existing Revolve users, the information they use most often is readily available. In addition, this release further enhances the tool's support of application documentation requirements. Micro Focus Revolve Enterprise Edition gives corporate customers an enhanced ability to:
- Accelerate time-to-market and dramatically reduce the cost of mass change programs and core systems maintenance
- Improve business alignment through major improvements in operational efficiency, freeing resources onto more strategic projects
- Provide more accurate business results, faster
- Intelligently manage and mitigate the risks of change
- Deliver new core system functionality 65% faster, with 50% fewer defects.

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