IP Video Pocket Installation Monitor from Axis

The physical installation and adjustment of Axis network cameras in awkward places is now eased with the AXIS Installation Monitor software for Pocket PC from Axis Communications. Installation Monitor turns your Windows Mobile Pocket PC into a handy tool to monitor basic camera properties conveniently and safely.

Cameras mounted high on walls, in ceiling domes, or on poles can be tricky to adjust, often ending up with the installer balancing a laptop while perched on a ladder, or using a mobile phone or shouting to talk to a colleague at a monitor screen. Putting camera viewing and control functionality onto a PDA changes all that.

Installers can now easily view the live image from the camera while adjusting the focus, viewing angle and direction, and even the field of view for pan/tilt cameras. AXIS Installation Monitor automatically discovers Axis cameras on the network, supporting wired, wireless and Power over Ethernet (PoE) installations. A built-in focus indicator makes for quick and efficient installation of all of your Axis network cameras.

Virtually all camera functions can be tested and controlled. You can adjust pan and tilt, and test and set I/O lines. Connection between the PDA and the camera can be via Ethernet (requires a network adapter for the PDA) or, if the PDA has wireless networking, through a wireless access point on the network.

AXIS Installation Monitor runs on Pocket PC PDAs with Windows Mobile 2003 2nd edition or Windows Mobile 5.0.

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