Mirapoint Deals with Blackboard

Mirapoint and Blackboard have announced that the companies are partnering to deliver a hosted email solution to K-12 schools, colleges and universities. As a result of this partnership, all members of academic institutions can now receive a complete hosted solution with email service that is secure and reliable.

The Mirapoint-Blackboard ASP partnership provides a full featured professional email and calendar system for both students and faculty that students have come to expect as part of their education experience. This new offering allows academic institutions to maintain ownership of messages and control of data storage, and is free of advertising. Additionally, the offering provides 24x7 email appliance and network management by an experienced professional hosting team that guarantees availability service level agreements.

The Mirapoint-Blackboard hosted email solution offers single sign-on with the Blackboard Academic Suite. The Blackboard Academic Suite is used by millions of people to access course materials and collaborate with peers and faculty online. Nearly 450 clients have their Blackboard e-Learning programs hosted by Blackboard.

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