MAGIX Announces Webradio Recorder 2

MAGIX has announced MAGIX Webradio Recorder 2, consumer software that lets everyone download and record all the latest hits off the Internet for free. 100% legal, Webradio Recorder 2 records over 3.000 International Internet radio stations and provides an improved worldwide receiver with stations to suit everyone's musical taste. Favorite radio programs can be recorded automatically and individual songs can easily be separated from whole radio shows, burned onto CD, and archived onto a hard drive.

Webradio Recorder 2 new features include:
- Real Format support, which provides an even larger selection of radio stations.
- Easy-to-use Timeshift Mode makes it possible to record multiple shows simultaneously.
- Users can stop and start shows at any point and later restart shows.
- Track information for every song is available with MAGIX AudioID, even during broadcasts.
- Complete recordings can be split into individual tracks.
- Annoying commercials and DJ introductions are easily erased.
- Sound quality has been enhanced with MAGIX ProAudio Sound and 32-bit technology.

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