Foveon Announces New Image Sensor Manufacturing Partner

Foveon has released the first product manufactured by its new strategic manufacturing partner, Dongbu Electronics of Seoul, South Korea. The new 14.1 megapixel X3 DSLR image sensor is the highest resolution X3 sensor available. This latest X3 sensor incorporates design and process enhancements which deliver best-in-class performance and market-leading resolution for the consumer DSLR camera market. Foveon and Dongbu have worked for more than a year to enhance X3 Technology and develop high quality and cost-effective X3 image sensor manufacturing capability.

Foveon's proprietary X3 technology is the only image sensor technology that stacks red, green and blue pixels vertically, increasing the information density of the recorded image while simultaneously eliminating the color sampling artifacts found with other image sensors. The new X3 sensor packs 14.1 million pixels, each 7.8m in size, into a 3-dimensional array of 2652 x 1768 x 3 pixels with an active image area measuring 20.69 x 13.79 mm.

The new Foveon sensor is in production now, and will soon be available in new cameras manufactured by Sigma Corporation of Tokyo, Japan. Foveon and Dongbu Electronics will continue to collaborate on Foveon X3 image sensor products for a wide range of consumer and other applications.

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