FAst extraCT V2 Now Shipping for Oracle

Innovative Routines International has announced a major upgrade to FAst extraCT (FACT) for Oracle: Version 2 for UNIX and Linux servers. FACT 2 uses parallel unload technology and other techniques to: accelerate extract performance; produce portable flat files; and, facilitate large ETL and reorg operations.

The new FACT release adds the following:
1) Support for Binary Large Object (BLOB) and Character Large Object (CLOB) data extraction.
2) Support for select query math using environment variables
3) Support for LDAP connections to Oracle 10G
4) Configuration file parameter consolidation of outfile paths, names, and extensions
5) Processing buffer size control for tuning extraction performance
6) Support for Oracle 9i YYYYMMDDHH24MISSFF format

The most important element of the new FACT version is support for LONG binary extraction data in Oracle.

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