Sony PlayStation 3: Sixaxis Wireless Controller Fact Sheet

Sixaxis wireless controller for the PlayStation 3 system enables gamers to harness the potential of the computer entertainment console. Developed by refining the original PlayStation controller, the Sixaxis controller features motion-sensing technology to detect natural and intuitive movements for real-time and high precision interactive play, acting as a natural extension of the user's body. The Sixaxis controller utilizes Bluetooth technology for wireless gameplay and the controller's USB cable to seamlessly and automatically charge the controller through the hardware at anytime. Furthermore, unlike other interactive controllers, the Sixaxis controller is easy to set-up and is compatible with today's monitors and televisions.

By integrating all these features into the original PlayStation controller design, Sony, together with content developers, plans to further enhance the gameplay experience of next generation computer entertainment. Sony PlayStation 3's Sixaxis wireless controller features:
- Utilizes breakthrough technology and a highly sensitive motion sensing system so as the user moves the controller the game moves with it
- Features Bluetooth for wireless gameplay; the PlayStation 3 system can support up to seven wireless controllers at one time
- Can be swapped seamlessly from wireless to wired and automatically charged using the controller's USB cable
- The shape of the L2/R2 buttons has been altered, enabling increased depth in stroke for more subtle control in games
- The tilting angle of the analog joy sticks has been slightly broadened to enable more delicate and more dynamic manipulation
- The information detection (L2/R2, analog joy stick) has been increased from 8 bit to 10 bit.

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