Blinkit, The iPod Fun Light

Here's a bright idea for a cool and useful holiday gift that's sure to put an extra glow in the season of lights for the iPod lover on your list Blinkit, the iPod Fun Light. This versatile flashing light accessory for Apple's ubiquitous portable music and video player not only blinks in sync to the music but has a brilliant light beam for safe nighttime visibility when you are shopping, caroling, partying or just out for that winter walk or jog. Teens, college students, young adults, Baby Boomers anyone who has a mini, nano, or any other iPod with a dock connector will be the buzz of the holiday party or family gathering with Blinkit flashing in any of six modes. Blinkit dresses up for the season with interchangeable tinted lens caps in holiday red, green, blue and yellow.

Blinkit has a practical side, too, with a variety of helpful uses wherever you need light. You can use it to light up a path or sidewalk, find your way in a dark parking garage, spotlight keys in the bottom of a purse or backpack, illuminate door locks, read a book or map, or locate a seat in a dark theatre. Blinkit fits your iPod simultaneously with headphones, and the adjustable mirror system lets you direct light forward or to both sides with a high-output beam visible up to several hundred yards away. Its efficient design minimizes iPod battery use to a negligible level.

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