Orange Messenger Launched by Microsoft Windows Live

Microsoft and Orange unveil their first convergent Instant Messaging offering for PCs and mobile. The new service, named Orange Messenger by Windows Live, will allow users to benefit from the collaboration between Orange and Microsoft Windows Live' Messenger. Likely to be as widespread as the adoption of e-mail and SMS in everyday life, Orange Messenger by Windows Live will allow users to be always connected to their contacts, on the PC and on the mobile.

By using the Windows Live platform, the new Orange Messenger by Windows Live service will enable the 135 million France Telecom European customers (served by Orange or another brand) to smoothly interact with 240 million worldwide Windows Live Messenger users. It will provide customers with a connection to all the Orange portal services: Emails, blog, ring tones, logos and "today's page", while continuing to have access to the Windows Live services. A wide range of consumer mobile devices will provide customers with access to the most widely used instant messaging service in the world, with a pricing policy that will be adapted to instant messaging.

This is the first time that two leading software and telecommunications companies have joined forces to offer an instant messaging service that can be accessed from both PC and mobile devices, and is marketed under their respective brands. Following its deployment in France, the UK and Spain, Orange and Microsoft will combine their expertise to offer Orange customers the following innovative services over the coming months:
- On PC: Video over IP, multi-videoconferencing, etc.
- On Mobile: interoperability of Orange Messenger by Windows Live with other mobile operators, SMS service continuity and 3G videoconference.

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