Inova's APIX Chip Set Introduced

Inova Semiconductor introduces a new chip set, APIX ("Advanced Pixel Link"). The high speed point-to-point link allows a loss-free transfer of uncompressed videos and images up to 1 Gbit/s through standard CAT5 STP cables at distances up to 50m. The APIX chip set can be to form a loss-free distributed video network. This product is ideally suited for digital video surveillance and security operations or inspection systems using DIF/CIF-resolution cameras up to 60 fps. The APIX chip set (transmitter and Receiver) doesn't require any content compression codec. In addition, the chip set offers an integrated 18 Mbit/s real-time, bi-directional return channel. This allows a remote camera link to be established the camera signal, bi-directional I2C bus plus power supply for the camera require not more than a tiny two pair copper cable.

The new APIX chip generation is available in a variety of QFN RoHS compliant packages to meet the specific requirements of different applications. The camera-dedicated types (INAP125T/R12) offer a 1012 bit interface plus control signals (digital RGB interface) while the 1824 bit types (INAP125T/R24) are striving for digital display applications like remote terminals or control panels up to VGA/SVGA resolution.

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