Trojan Hidden Inside Spoofed Microsoft E-mail Message Discovered

SurfControl is currently tracking a malicious Trojan Downloader concealed in a spoofed e-mail message claiming to be from Microsoft. The e-mail appears to come from, and offers recipients a link to download Release Candidate 1 of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.

When users click on the link provided in the spoofed e-mail, a Web site launches that looks very similar to a legitimate Microsoft page. However, the Web site is fraudulent and installs a Trojan via a browser exploit targeted at Internet Explorer and effectively creates a backdoor on the infected system.

SurfControl's Threat Analysis and Research department is uniquely positioned to provide protection through its Adaptive Threat Intelligence Service that spans the globe and across all products. Around-the-clock exchange of information on new threats allows SurfControl's Threat Experts to be at the forefront of Internet protection. SurfControl adds any new signatures, rules and/or URLs to all products in the SurfControl Enterprise Protection Suite.

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