Trailfire Develops Plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

Trailfire are working with Microsoft to bring a new Internet era to millions of people worldwide with Microsoft's launch of Windows Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. Today Trailfire is making its 'say anything anywhere' plug-in available for Internet Explorer 7. The Trailfire plug-in now enables users of Internet Explorer 7 to comment on any Web page. Users simply place a "trail mark" on a page with their comments or notes. A trail mark can contain text, images, video and audio. When users give several trail marks the same "trail name" they can form their own navigation paths or trails.

The trails, hosted at the Trailfire Web site, can be used to share stories, or to communicate an individual's own point of view about content on a particular Web site. The trails then can be shared by sending them via email, posting them on a blog or by publishing them on

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