OSRAM Announces New Generation of Side-Emitting MicroSIDELEDs

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has announced the newest generation of its side-emitting MicroSIDELED, which has a 30 percent higher luminous intensity than the previous generation. Thanks to further advances in ThinFilm technology, a single LED can now produce 1.6 cd opposed to the previous 0.9 cd. Together with a team of 50 other companies, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is working on a project that aims to identify and exploit potential energy savings in order to maximize battery life in mobile devices. In support of this initiative, at this year's Display Fair in Yokohama, Japan, (Oct. 18-20), Intel will host the "Extended Battery Life" display. This unique display will feature a laptop display demo using 60 MicroSIDELEDs to backlight the 15-inch screen. This new laptop display consumes just 4.4W, and achieves a maximum luminance of approximately 220 cd/m?, outperforming the higher-wattage displays equipped with cold-cathode fluorescence lamps.

Producing the required luminance of almost 220 cd/m?, these ultra-efficient light sources also operate with a lower current. Additional savings can be realized by dimming the display backlighting according to the amount of ambient daylight available. This can be done either manually or with the aid of an ambient light sensor. For a comparison value of 60 cd/m? consumption is reduced to 1W.

The new MicroSIDELED is just 0.6 mm tall, making it even more compact than its predecessor, which measures 0.8 mm. Its compact height, together with its side beam characteristics, enables the design of low-profile displays.

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