Logicalis Partners with Global Action Plan to Combat Climate Change

Logicalis has partnered with Global Action Plan, the practical environmental charity, to encourage ICT users to lower their carbon emissions in order to lessen the impact of global warming and reduce environmental degradation overall.

Through Global Action Plan, Logicalis will offer independent environmental training programs to existing clients through its CIO engagement programme, and will be the first Systems Integrator in the UK to offer the subsidised environmental training as part of new business proposals and contract negotiations.

The training will be based on the Global Action Plan Environmental Champions Programme. The Programme is designed to enable employees to measure their own and their organisation's environmental impact. In particular, the Programme focuses on minimising consumption of resources and raw materials and reducing harmful emissions from transport and office energy consumption, of which IT plays a growing part.

Companies who choose to adopt the Environmental Champions Programme on an on-going basis will then be helped to set their own improvement targets through a planned process of change. This will be monitored and encouraged over a twelve month period.

Over the past eight years, Global Action Plan's government-backed environmental awareness programmes have developed a successful track record and been adopted by many different organisations including multi-nationals, local authorities and charities.

According to Global Action Plan, there are additional benefits of running Environment Champions in an organisation other than reducing its carbon footprint. These range from achieving significant costs savings to building strong team spirit.

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