Quark Announces Broad Support for QuarkXPress Server 7

Quark has announced the commitment from more than a dozen partners to produce solutions powered by QuarkXPress Server in various targeted vertical markets. QuarkXPress Server 7 combines the design power and collaboration functionality of QuarkXPress with proven server-based performance to help software developers and system integrators meet needs in specific vertical markets.

In the retail space, Quark works with partners that address needs in specific verticals, including catalog, specialty retail, and mass merchant retail. Partners who are producing effective solutions powered by QuarkXPress Server include Integrated Software, Intuitive Solutions Group, ONUS LLC, and RoboCatalog.

Capps Digital, a division of Publicis, and Integrated Solutions Group are just two of the many Quark partners who are offering solutions tailored to corporate markets. Integrated Solutions recently embraced the QuarkXPress Server technology to meet increasing customer demand to utilize the proven technology from Quark.

To address needs in the direct-marketing space, the QuarkXPress Server technology empowers channel and business users to preview communications online, customize design and content, and print locally or remotely. Responsive Solutions, a Quark partner that offers applications to the direct-marketing industry, boasts the most comprehensive platform for direct-marketing fulfillment in the marketplace.

QuarkXPress Server is the application technology formerly known as Quark Dynamic Document Server (QuarkDDS). The new name more accurately reflects the product's core QuarkXPress design-and-print functionality in addition to its integration and automation capabilities. Quark system integrator and OEM partners have already deployed this technology in many production environments. References to these applications include solutions deployed under both names: QuarkDDS and QuarkXPress Server.

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