Actix Releases Actix Spotlight

Actix has announced the release of Actix Spotlight. Designed by optimization engineers for optimization engineers, Spotlight is targeted towards supporting the everyday process needs of large, distributed mobile network optimization departments; Spotlight automatically detects and assesses potential network problems for busy engineers, delivering diagnosis and management reports with maps directly. This is a massive improvement over existing technology, enabling a broader set of radio network optimization engineers to increase their productivity enormously.

Actix Spotlight solves problems relating to the large volume of data inherent in the analysis of drive test information for 3G and post-3G networks, allowing several gigabytes of data to be used concurrently for troubleshooting, reporting and wide area radio network tuning. Some of the key features of Actix Spotlight include:
Intuitive, process-driven workflow, with focus on key everyday optimization tasks
Automated issue identification, prioritization, diagnosis and resolution recommendation
Network-wide visualization and large scale data support
Embedded expert procedures and techniques, with detailed drilldown for in-depth analysis when required

The result is a solution that delivers tangible productivity and network quality improvements relative to traditional processes, and that releases experts to focus on more sophisticated network problems.

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