Neoware Introduces Neoware m100 Thin Client Notebook

Neoware has introduced the Neoware m100 thin client notebook. Neoware m100 thin client notebooks pose no data risk, as they have no hard drive and no information such as employee or customer data can be stored locally. All files and applications remain on the server where they are better protected from data theft.

The ramifications of lost data are costly to individuals and organizations alike. According to the Ponemon Institute, a leading research firm on privacy and security, data breaches cost companies an average of $5 million per incident in direct costs; and 20 percent of data breach victims cut ties with the institutions that compromised their security. Furthermore, the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has recorded that over 93 million records containing sensitive personal information have been compromised through data security breaches in the United States alone.

The superior data security enabled by the Neoware m100 can also be a boon to organizations dealing with regulations that strictly govern data privacy, including healthcare organizations.

With no hard drive or fan, the Neoware m100 thin client notebook has no moving parts, and therefore operates silently, with superior reliability and a battery life of more than six hours. The Neoware m100 features a 15-inch screen, a variety of available country keyboards, and has the capability for Ethernet, USB, built-in Wi-Fi, or cellular connections, which enable data to be accessed from any location including offices, homes, and hotels. The Neoware m100 notebook complements existing Neoware product lines, and supports the Microsoft Windows XPe and Linux operating systems.

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