Intuitive Group Partners with VISA

Intuitive Group, in partnership with VISA, announces the launch of myreward card a world-first in the sales incentive market a multi-currency chip-and-PIN reward card with a full e-commerce 'online banking' platform.

Suitable for delivering reward, incentive, bonus and commission payments for any business from SME to blue-chip companies, the new chip-and-PIN myreward card can be used to accrue rewards through overnight payments made to participants' card accounts. Users will also have access to a secure e-commerce site where they can check balances online and monitor progress of their incentive programme.

The card can be used to pay for goods and services in Pounds Sterling, US Dollars or Euros, and is accepted in more than 24 million outlets worldwide in exactly the same way that a Visa debit card would be. Furthermore the card provides companies with a convenient and secure way of incentivising staff other than the traditional method of issuing vouchers or gifts.

For companies providing the cards, a wide range of branding and tailoring options are available to ensure that the cards are in-keeping with a company's image and reputation, while a suite of communications tools can be used to reinforce messages. This includes text message balance updates, news & information web pages, branded card wallets and tactical promotions.

Company employees using Intuitive Group's card can check balances via ATM's. Interactive-Voice-Response (IVR) systems, will used for card activation purposes.

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