Xerox Makes It Easier to Customize Multifunction Products

Xerox is expanding the productivity and security of its office multifunction printers with a new software platform tailored to meet document management needs in areas such as legal, finance and healthcare.

The new Xerox Extensible Interface Platform enables independent software vendors and partners to develop customized programs for an enhanced version of Xerox WorkCentre and WorkCentre Pro 200 series multifunction digital printers, which include new scanning and network management features. The WorkCentre Pro version of the platform includes a customizable display panel, touch-screen or user interface that provides access to all of the system's functions. Just like you can customize your PC desktop to prioritize the tools and files you use most, IT managers can now customize Xerox multifunction systems' touch-screens to prioritize the tools their workers use most.

Using this interface, workers can enter a password at the MFP and access a set of features and options designed specifically for their business needs. For example, a hospital could customize the systems' touch-screen to help better manage patient forms. By touching an icon on the display, a healthcare worker could access the hospital's Web-based document management system and browse a list of patient forms. The worker could then scroll through the list which is updated instantly preview documents and print. Another program could be used to scan patient records and store them in a variety of secure repositories.

The customizable display panel is HTML-based, making it as easy to program as a Web page. The user interface can be coded to add graphics, animated content or Internet access. IT departments can use the software platform to configure Xerox printing devices for an entire business, a specific department or an individual user all from a central server.

Applications will initially be developed by 10 partners that are charter members of the new Xerox Development Consortium: AND Technologies, Captaris, Equitrac, Kofax, NSI, Nuance, Omtool, Pharos, Streem and X-Solutions. They will be the first to receive the software development kit to integrate their programs with the customizable display panel. With several new offerings already in development, Xerox expects to announce a host of solutions built on this platform in the first half of 2007. Already, Equitrac, Omtool and Xerox are testing solutions with select customers around the globe.

The Xerox Extensible Interface Platform is first being made available on an enhanced version of Xerox's WorkCentre and WorkCentre Pro 200 series departmental multifunction systems, which Xerox launched today. Ranging in speed from 32 75 pages per minute, the upgraded systems add new security features such as 802.1X compliance, a standard from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). This standard provides more security when accessing the network over a wired or wireless connection. In addition, Xerox's On Demand Image Overwrite feature, which electronically shreds data on the system's hard drive, can now be scheduled to occur at the same time every day, such as after hours.

New scanning features are also available. "Scan to Home" automatically sends scanned files from the MFP to a worker's personal folder, such as "My Documents", for simple and secure electronic document storage. People can use the "Scan/Print to Mailbox" feature to securely store commonly used documents, such as a blank expense form, on the device rather than a server for instant retrieval and reprints. This increases productivity and reduces network traffic.

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