Lava Software Launches Kenbushi v6.2

Lava Software is now shipping Kenbushi v6.2, a fast and efficient file sharing, data backup and remote media player product. This new version allows users to remotely control media playback using any PDA with Wi-Fi and offers wireless PDA slideshows, a simple integrated Web server, media bookmarks, a Skipmark system, and new mute, playlist shuffle and loop controls. Versions are available for Windows, MacOS X, MacOS Classic and Linux.

Users can now remotely control movie and music playback on the free Kenbushi media server anywhere within wireless range using any PDA with Wi-Fi capabilities, such as Pocket PC, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, PalmPilot, mobile phone, etc. In addition to media playback control buttons, the currently playing playlist, media name, play position, length and other information is displayed on PDAs with Javascript-enabled web browsers.

Wireless slideshows allow users to easily set up multiple JPEG photo slideshows for viewing on any web browser on a laptop or PDA with Wi-Fi. Users can remotely view slideshows anywhere within wireless range, without ever actually storing the photos on these devices. Photos are auto-scaled to fit any user selected screensize from 30x20 to 1920x1200 pixels at the set update interval, with superb image quality provided by automatic anti-aliasing.

Kenbushi now offers a Skipmark system to enhance movie playback. Skipmarks are user selected sections of a movie which are skipped during playback, so that credits, advertisements, sections unsuitable for children, etc. are automatically and seamlessly bypassed without actually modifying the movie file itself. Alternatively, with looping, users can repeatedly play only selected sections of a movie. For example, this may be used during a 21st birthday party.

For parents of young children, Kenbushi provides a perfect way to manage the children's movie entertainment: all movies are stored on the computer hard disk (so there is no DVD swapping, scratching and jamming), and playlists are remotely set up and controlled by the parent. In addition, parents can set movie Skipmarks to seamlessly bypass movie credits and jump straight to the action, as well as control exactly which parts of a movie their children see (eg. excluding unsuitable scenes, such as scary bits, etc).

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